Hello darkness my old friend..

How time flies..

It’s been a year and a half of photographing colour film almost exclusively, specifically Fujifilm’s Superia 400 pushed to 800 following a happy accident while in Hong Kong.

Having shot a couple of rolls of Kodak TriX with my M3 up in the Flinders Ranges, I have been inspired to delve into the silky deep monotone black and greys of black and white film once again.

When I started photographing street, I exclusively photographed in black and white for a couple of reasons. It was cheaper to develop at home than to take it into the camera store and I really liked the aesthetics. Colour was not even a consideration as it reminded me too much of digital images as a result of not really seeing that ‘film look’ from the emulsions I had tried.

That had changed due to a conversation with a fellow photographer.

While on an outing with fellow street photographer @giant_evertonian, he asked me to show him some of my colour street photography. I didn’t at that time have any colour street images. However was reminded of a roll of Superia 400 that I had shot with in Hong Kong thinking that it was black and white. The developed results were the aesthetics that I was looking for in a colour film and decided to look into photographing with it more.

One of the Hong Kong photos using the Fujifilm Superia I had mistaken as black and white. My timing has improved..

I successfully learnt the ins and outs of processing C41 and tweaked my work flow to shooting colour film almost exclusively. On a recent trip to the Flinders shooting mostly colour I found that my preferred roll of images were the black and white roll shot using my Leica M3.

Applying the old adage that one should focus on one camera and one lens for a year to colour film has been a fantastic experience, but it’s time to go mono again. Embrace the darkness and the deep contrast of pushed black and white film. ..with a little colour in the mix.. no need to go obsessive, right?

Images captured on a Leica M6 and Kodak TriX pushed to 800.

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