Outback outing..

Leica M3 Kodak TriX

Aah, the great outdoors.

I must profess that I am not a landscape photographer, though I admire the work of landscape photographers. I keenly follow on YouTube Nick Page and Nick Carver enjoying their fantastic images and the process they describe and illustrate to capture their outdoor images.

Despite my distinctive leaning toward portrait photography I jump at the chance whenever a few of my landscape photographer friends invite me to accompany them on an outdoor adventure to the Flinders Rangers.

Mamiya RB67, Portra 400
Leica M3, Kodak TriX
Leica M3, Kodak TriX

The small group eventuated into a gathering of nine by the time we set of on the Thursday night equipped with camping gear, camera gear and what we thought were rugged four wheel drives.

I’m not even going to pretend to know the name of the places we stayed at, however they were stunningly picturesque. We even had moments of extended nature absorption as members of our photographic posse where busy exchanging punctured tyres for less punctured tyres.

Regardless of the pauses in our photographic menu the trip was an extraordinary success. Like minded fellas trekking about the Flinders in 4wd’s and one puncture ridden Barbie car is definitely a recipe for a excitement and fun!

Mamiya RB67, Fujifilm Velvia
Mamiya RB67, Fujifilm Velvia

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