Lomography Metropolis

It’s good to get out again and experience a taste of what pre-pandemic life felt like after so many weeks of being isolated.

What better way to celebrate than to photograph with a brand new emulsion. Lomography Metropolis.

According to Lomography’s website, “Lomography Metropolis is built for exploring the urban jungle in all of its grit and beauty.” My first thoughts when seeing this film online was ‘post apocalyptic nostalgia’. Like, reminiscing over the good old times prior to defeating a horde of mutant zombies in a wasteland of dilapidated urban ruins. I thought it would work well with parallels drawn from of a pre-pandemic world amidst toilet paper hoarding panic and disinfectant consuming Americans.

After an unboxing I was surprised by the intense green of the emulsion base. It was like unboxing a box of candy, with it, stimulating an appropriate amount of anticipation which would follow such a discourse. The bright emulsion accounts for the heavy green influence in the images resonating with my colour aesthetic.

The film doesn’t have a set ISO rating but allows for the user to set what they would consider an appropriate setting between 100-400. I chose 400, though Lomography states that the user could change the ISO rating throughout the roll with successful results.

Getting back out in the streets was exquisitely relaxing after such a long time in isolation. Life looks like it’s getting back to ‘normal’ in the city, with shops starting to open up again inviting the hustling bustle to intensify.

The results of the outing were great. The images have a desaturated green cast to the images which I find very appealing. All of the images have been developed by the lab at Photoco here in Adelaide. I do expect to see slightly different results when I’m back to developing my own film again.

I understand that a green colour cast is usually what a photographer seeks to remove in their images. However, I find it appeals to me initially discovered by the accidental push of Fujifilm Superia 400 to 800 (which emphasises the green in the shadows) and ow this film with its intentional green cast.

This is definitely a film that I will revisit again..

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