Motion Blur

Leica M6; Fujifilm Superia 400 pushed

I’m sure all of the current health concerns will be a strange memory one day. Looking back and trying to remember what it was like as we recall what it was like in the retelling of the tale to our grandkids.

For now it’s an almost surreal reality. No sports, no social gatherings, no coffee shop hangs, no church meetings, no gallery viewings. I find myself looking at my most recent street photos and wonder if or when I’ll be able to walk the streets again.

I’m already starting to plan some personal projects. Things that will keep my mind active as I continue my craft. Looking at some alternate image making activities that will motivate me and inspire my artistic cravings.

Leica M7; Cinestill 800T

Perhaps during this period I will have the chance to really study up on the great masters images, absorb more compositional devices that challenge my thinking, and plan for the future when we are all released back onto the street.

The task is not to give up, not to believe that this situation we are in is the final word, and that the day will come when this is all a distant blurry memory.

Leica M6; Fujifilm Superia 400 pushed

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