Hong Kong Zine

I can still smell the fried pig intestines, taste the incredible egg tarts and feel the crazy congestion. Hong Kong was an all absorbing sensual overload!

Equipped with a film Leica and a whole bunch of film I set out into the streets of Asia’s World City and simply got lost. Where the tourist signs pointed right, I turned left and immersed myself in a new and different culture that held some strains of familiarity in places.

Hong Kong is a city of contrasts; tall sky scrapers with modern materials of steel and glass often obscured hidden temples and traditional wood buildings. Stunning light shows juxtaposed by colourful lanterns, and the latest of mobiles eluding to a world of social media highlighted the apparent disconnect when contrasted against the locals playing Chinese chess (Xiangqi).

‘Hong Kong’ is my third zine now available for purchase on my Etsy page. Simply click on the link to order yours now! Backwater beat zine. While you’re there, feel free to pick up one of other zines, ‘Doppelgänger’ and ‘The Backwater Beat’.

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