Road Trip

Church; Kodak TriX using a red filter

Road trip!

I am fuelled by other people’s passion and excitement for adventure. Throw in a couple of cameras with a few blokes who love taking photos of old ruins and the perfect get-a-way is formed.

Armed with two film cameras and a bunch of TriX, Superia 400 and one roll of Ektachrome, I busily tripped and scuffed my way around the plethora of ruins that the fellas frequented on our way to Farina, a ghost town six or so hours north of Adelaide.

I’m definitely not a landscape photographer but I thoroughly enjoyed taking photos and hanging out with three quality friends.

As with any good plot things turned a little with one of the fellas having some difficulties with illness the next morning shortly after a wander around the ghost town. We quickly saddled him in one of the cars and rushed him to medical aid which would take the significant part of that whole day.

While I drove the other ailing car that had trouble with its transmission, (and once having broken down) we successfully limped back into Gawler. All worked out well for our friend with a relatively quick diagnosis.

All keen for the next trip.. though I might pack a digital for the night shots.

I’ll be sure to wash thoroughly once I’m back home though…

One thought on “Road Trip

  1. It was a fabulous time while it lasted. Can’t wait for us all to do it again , hopefully without incident. Some lovely images there mate.

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