Take a walk

Leica M6; Fujifilm Superia 400 pushed to 800; Cinestill C41

It’s been a little while since I’ve been out and about trekking the city to capture urban life.

This time of year is usually downtime from weddings and a catch up on photography business stuff as well as create a few new goals, dream up a few more projects, read a great deal, and dabble some more into medium format portraiture.. I seem to be quite habitual with the above this time of year.

I do realise however, that it’s time to go and explore, particularly as it’s one of the things that refuels me.

I’ve been trying a lot more colour recently due to two factors. My ability to now process colour film at home using the Cinestill C41 kit, which has been a big money saver, and the enjoyment of the colour palette of Superia 400 pushed a stop or two. I can’t get enough of the green shadows, magenta/yellow highlights and the ‘film’ look that adds a level of nostalgia that resonates with me. As a result I have stocked up on a number of Superia 400 film.

I do however really like the look of black and white, particularly Kodak TriX. I might load in a roll or two on my next outing..

..or not.

The important thing is simply to get out with camera in hand and take a walk.

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