No standing anytime..

Leica M6; Kodak TriX; HC110(B) 8.30min

I don’t mind making decisions, but I try to minimise the ones that take up energy that could be spent on something more productive. For example, I only buy one brand of socks regardless of pattern. That way mixing and matching isn’t a problem and I can simply go about other duties.

While out with fellow photographer John (@giant_evertonian) we came across the fella just sitting beside this low wall and googling.

I’ve been practising capturing more than just one image at a scene as I usually snap just one before moving on.. I don’t tend to just stand around at a location waiting for the subject to enter my canvas.

Which is unusual for me as I tend to work a scene when photographing weddings.

For the longest time I have borrowed skills and practises from my urban photography to use in my wedding photography.. perhaps it’s time to ignore my ‘no standing anytime’ rule and work a scene a little more..

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