Leica M6; Fujifilm Superia 400 pushed; Cinestill C41

They come and go..

A friend of mine recently showed me his corduroy jacket and asked my my thoughts. It was a faded brown jacket that was exceptional to look at. I told him is was the similar to one that I owned but had passed on to the Salvos many years ago.

Fashion has a way of repeating itself but it’s not the only forum that we exercise this trend.

I’ve noticed on Instagram a wave of street photo trends that come and go, and come back again. One in particular that I never gave much time to is colour matching, due mostly to photographing in black and white. The thrill of capturing someone wearing the same colour as a prominent street feature is immensely rewarding. The images will inspire other photographers to create their own moments of colour matching (see above) and my feed will be inundated with a score of like minded captures.

Until the perverbial pendulum swings to reflections, framed walks or advertising juxtapositions, before swinging back to coloured coincidences.

I wish I still had that jacket.

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