Leica M6; Kodak TriX; HC110(B) 8.30min

It’s a four letter word that everyone seems to use.

I’m aware that I am cramming as much in to my 168 hours a week as I possibly can. Family, Art, music, photography, even this little project wedges its way between the hairline cracks of my time.

Susan Sontag in her book ‘On Photography’ states that ‘avoiding boredom is one of our most important purposes.’ My Grandfather has also shared his view on boredom many times believing that it ‘is a result of an inactive mind’. Both points of view may have contributed to my pursuit of being overly busy.

However I am also aware that our culture is hyper-stimulated through device oriented experiences and is losing the beneficial experience of silence due to its noise.

Leica M6; Kodak TriX; HC110(B) 8.30min

It is perhaps why I lean toward photographing in black and white as it alludes to the old school silent films. A sense of stillness and peace in a noisy, busy world.

Anyway, back to it..

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