C41 at home..

Leica M6; Fujifilm Superia 400 pushed,

I have finally given it a go..

I’ve been developing black and white film at home for just over three years and have found it a normal part of my street photography routine. Shoot, develop, scan, print. Though I must admit the printing part happens a little less that the others.

I have been more hesitant to develop colour film at home due to the more stringent requirements to maintain temperature through the use of more chemicals.

However the Cinestill C41 kit has two steps and can use the same equipment as my black and white equipment, so I thought to give it a go.

Interestingly I still managed to botch the process by not mixing together part A and part B but ended up doing them separately, in a round-a-bout way and managed to produce some negatives regardless.

I couldn’t be happier with the results and found that the colours are more representative to how I perceived the scene.s I photographed with the particular film quality that I enjoy.

As a result, I’m going to try my hand at colour more with more regularity and see what I can discover!

The film I’ve been preferring is Fujifilm Superia 400 pushed to 800 to get those awesome green tones in the shadows and quirky red/orange saturation’s in the highlights.

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