Shot in the heart of Melbourne.

I was captivated and encouraged by the street imagery on show at SITHOM 2018 that I became a member as soon as I arrived back in Adelaide. The strength and diversity of the vision of Australian street was inspiring, and a much needed incentive for my own photography.

The following are images submitted for this year’s SITHOM exhibition and a couple that I decided not to send to occupy their wall space.

Ironically, I captured this image minutes before visiting SITHOM 2018 which is one of my images submitted in this year’s exhibition.

A black bricked church on the cusp of Melbourne’s CBD undergoing renovations, open for parishioners to enjoy the solitude of their thoughts and the pounding rhythmic hammering that echoed throughout the building.

I was surprised this parishioner sat as patiently as he did with the occasional pounding of work gear. A true example of internal serenity amidst external discord.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited Melbourne a number of times, however it was on one of my last visits that I stumbled across the Convention Centre.

I was immediately captivated by the diagonal lines, and exuberant to find this gentleman enjoying his light meal in such a perfectly located position within the lines.

The National Art Gallery of Victoria is a must visit location when I’m in Melbourne.

I must admit that I don’t remember what feature exhibition was on at this time, but enjoyed the signing of the wall at the end.

I didn’t end up putting this image into this year’s exhibition for some reason.

This was also an accidental discovery. I was on the hunt for the Webb bridge and while looking around I saw these stairs backlit with an ever changing array of lights.

Patiently waiting, I captured three or four images of people descending the stairs holding their mobiles. I still don’t understand why someone would traverse stairs while focussing on their device. How many times have I slipped on stairs with the simple act of concentrating on the next step?

This final image was taken on the banks of the Yarra. I spotted them from a distance away and simply zone focussed and popped my camera overhead to capture this moment.

It is my favourite image from all the images I have submitted.

If you happen to be in Melbourne during The latter days of May, drop in on the SITHOM exhibition and absorb the inspiring visionaries that have captured moments in the heart of Melbourne.

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