Kathie Renner

Leica M6; Kodak P3200; HC110(B) 10.30min

There’s an undeniable quality to Kathie Renner’s music. I think it’s a number of elements that make her music endure past a casual listen and into an aural experience.

The individual instruments that colour her music have space in which to breath and be appreciated for their subtle nuances. Each breath or pluck allows for the human ambience to be felt and heard while at the same time they weave together to create a united voice of pure aural delirium.

There is also the element of Kathie’s bell-like clarity to her voice that calms and reassures as it lilts over sometimes complex harmony.

Her compositions are also musically intelligent and saturated with anecdotal relevance.

The sensation of listening to Kathie’s musical creations is akin to consuming a master chef’s fare of delicate flavours each enhancing the other to greater levels of flavoursome ecstasy.

..and I was there to capture the event with my cameras!

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