Bjear is a band lead by singer, composer, musician Braeden McKee which is musically an eclectic mix of flavoursome funk and folk with spicy jazz and very tasteful electronic elements. Their performance at the Lion Arts Factory was a serious aural treat!

Braeden is one of the people I seem to regularity bump into in and around Adelaide, either while I’m about photographing weddings or enjoying a java fix at some local coffee joints. It was during another chance meeting at a coffee place in the city where we had chats about the possibility to photograph his next show with 35mm film.

It was a very exciting prospect.

Armed with my Leica M6 and Leica M7 loaded with Kodak P3200 and Fujifilm Superia 1600 respectively, I was set for Bjears gig at the Lion Arts. For the nerds reading this, I selected only a few lenses for the shoot; the Elmarit 135mm f2.8, the Summicron 50mm f2 and a Voitlander Ultron 35mm f1.7 that actually never made an appearance on either of my cameras.

Kodak P3200 is a staggeringly sharp emulsion with a healthy dose of grain that simply yells ‘shot on film’. The contrast and grit from the film is a pure joy to behold that complements the sonic delirium that was experienced on the night.

Special guest Frank Henry with his layered effects and trance like aural layering was a perfect starter for Bjear. I really enjoyed his intelligent approach to his music that created an awesome ambient.

For more of Bjear, you can find their music here on Bandcamp!

To check out more of Frank Henry, check him out here on Bandcamp.

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