Another medium..

Mamiya C330; Fujifilm Acros; HC110(B) 5:00min

The 35mm Leica is very suited for street photography with its small form factor and in my opinion, very quick to use.

However I really enjoy medium format, in particular my Mamiya C330 TLR (twin lens reflex). The resolution is staggering allowing for exquisite images to be produced that aren’t fully represented online. I primarily use this camera for portraits due to its relatively fast f2.8 lens and super clarity. It is often in a bag waiting for an opportunity or good light when visiting friends and family.

It is slower to use than my Leica’s, but super fast compared to my 5×4 large format camera that takes an exceedingly long time to capture one image. Though that beast produces truly staggering images.

One day I’ll take it out on the streets and see how it goes.

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