Many years ago I visited the Adelaide Zoo and saw ‘Samorn’ the elephant. I recall just staring at him as he slowly shuffled a few paces to the left and swing his leg for bit, and then shuffle to the right to repeat the same shuffle of his leg.

I later found out that the poor thing was so terribly bored in its tiny enclosure that it acted out its terrible existence by shuffling back and forward continually until it was released in the open plains of Monarto Zoo years later.

Often on the street I witness the same behaviour from my fellow human citizens.

The guy featured in the above photo was a life guard on a senior citizens swim outing in Sydney. I watched through the window and noticed that, he too out of boredom, kept to a predictable path around the swimming enclosure. He was physically fit, obviously equipped for any kind of water athletics, and I assume knowledgeable in the care of others in a crisis. Yet all this was held in reserve as he robotically made his way around the pools circumference, probably wrestling with the dichotomy of wishing something would happen and hopeful that nothing will.

Makes me appreciate my work..

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