The Chase..

Street photography on the whole is simply the capture of the ordinary. A photo of the mediocre, the normal, the mundane, the average, the grey, the typical, the general, the humdrum, the routine, the everyday.

Most of my images have been seen before, they may even be the back wash of the street photographers bottle, but it’s the pursuit of one extraordinary, one unique happenstance, a single frame that beholds an image of rare intrigue or fascination.

I am driven by that one image, the one image that I have yet to capture.

2 thoughts on “The Chase..

  1. Maybe you’re being a little harsh on yourself, but using film for street photography is a tough gig which makes one admire you and those from the 20th century who laid the foundations of our art. I use digital, fire off a few hundred shots in a day and end up with 99% crap. But that elusive “perfect shot” keeps me learning and walking the streets with some sort of peculiar unfounded optimism. Keep up the pursuit and thanks for sharing your thoughts and photographs.

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