Leica M6; Kodak TriX; HC110(B) 7.30min

I studied Jazz for four years at the Adelaide Conservatory of Music on bass.

I must admit that I loved it. I was playing in many bands and filling in for more, playing up to three gigs a day over the weekends and most nights throughout the week. Teaching, recording, and even flying interstate.

Despite all the fun, it was hard work. I would still try to maintain a strict practise schedule throughout all of my study and the years following regardless of how busy I got and that meant I had to make sacrifices.

I missed many friends weddings and birthdays, family events and just hang out times with my wife. While some would say I was living the dream, I felt that it was slowly evolving into a nightmare where I was losing grip of why I got into music in the first place.

So I eventually slowed down the gigs and went into teaching visual art, my other area of study.

I still have a passion for music and play regularly, but now with some form of practical balance… we’ll, as much as I am capable of balance.

This guitarist was playing ‘Take the A Train’ while I captured this image which brought to mind all of the favourable memories I have from studying jazz at university.

I hope his love for music never dissipates.

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